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Bitch Media Editing

Editing Work: Bitch Media

From 2013 to 2017, I was the online editor of Bitch Media, the outspoken intersectional feminist media nonprofit founded in 1996. When I came onboard, Bitch was still very print-centric, with little social media presence and a website that qualified as vintage. In addition to managing a team of dozens of writers for the site and editing every article we published online, I took over the day-to-day operations of Bitch’s Tumblr, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. In my first two years, Bitch’s web traffic doubled and our social reach tripled. Every day of the week, we published compelling, original perspectives on pop culture, bringing much-needed feminist voices to discussions around film, television, media, and music.


"Tina belcher's sexual revolution"


The sweet spot to hit with assigning and editing Bitch articles was to say something that resonated deeply, but that was also original. Gabrielle Moss's assessment of beloved character Tina Belcher became one of our most-read articles ever because it connected the dots between the animated show and real-life gender dynamics in a way that felt both powerful and hilarious. 


"will filming the police keep us safe?"

long-form editing

Bitch is a truly independent media outlet—which is increasingly rare these days. Our guiding light in editing articles was to ask: Does it say something new, crucial, and honest? Online, we published at least one long-form piece a month that dug into the intersections of politics and pop culture from a personal perspective. This essay by Victoria Law made points no one else was at the time—and is still all-too-relevant years later. 

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The feedback we got from Bitch readers was consistent: They wanted more recommendations of top-notch pop culture to consume! So I started up a feature on our Instagram every Friday, posting one timely book recommendation with the hashtag #bitchreads and #feministshelfie. The book pick typically connected to a recent interview or article on the site, serving as excellent cross-promotion for our content.