Open Earth

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Open Earth

A heartfelt, positive, and sexy graphic novel about look at one woman's adventure in love and feelings, as a new generation learns to make their own rules and follow their own hearts aboard an orbiting space station. 

This sci-fi comic written by Sarah Mirk and illustrated by Eva Cabrera and Claudia Aguirre debuted in September 2018 from Limerence Press

BookRiot called Open Earth “fun, sexy, and inclusive.”

Publisher's Weekly said in their review, "For comics fans who dream optimistically about the future, the diverse cast and sex-positive, cooperative storyline combine into a utopian vision. "

The Oregonian said, “Open Earth is a cheerful exploration of open relationships and complex social networks in space with a blessedly diverse cast of characters. It is so very different as this fusion of science fiction and eroticism. It is smart. It is sweet.”

Bust magazine said, “Open Earth takes a holistic approach to showing human relationships, and sex is an important part of that.”

Love in Panels said, " I adored this book. This is what I want to see in the future of romance comics - thoughtful characterization, intricate worldbuilding, cute/hot sex, and characters to cheer for."  

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