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Popaganda Feminism and Pop Culture Podcast

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From April 2013 to August 2017, I hosted the feminism and pop culture podcast Popaganda for Bitch Media. In that time, the listenership grew from under 1,000 listeners to roughly 12,000 per episode. Over the course of 120 episodes, I interviewed many of the country's most interesting writers, artists, and activists about their perspectives on gender, race, class, and sexuality in America. The show reported on pop culture ranging from the history of dissent at the Olympics to the racial politics of Disney animals. 

A sampling of iTunes reviews:

This podcast is so incredible—looks at current events, music, art, food, and politics with the all-too-often unheard perspective of women and minorities. Always positive and eye-opening! —Allison, July 2016

Popaganda allowed me to begin the monumental process of distinguishing between the thoughts and feelings that are mine and the thoughts and feeling that other people have been telling me to have my entire life. It taught me that every feeling I have is valid, and that other women have those feelings, too. —Ashley, February 2016

As a college student, the topics discussed on Popaganda feel especially relevant to my life. Sarah Mirk has a candid yet non-judgmental way of investigating contemporary feminist issues and I love the array of guests she brings to the show. Popaganda seems like a very inclusive podcast, where the producers care about hearing many different voices. —Momo, December 2015

Listen to some of my favorite stories from the show: