Year of Zines

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In 2019, I’m making a zine every day for a year!

A zine is a small-press publication that’s made for passion, not profit. I’m going to be making 365 zines in 2019 as a daily practice in making tangible art. I’ve been making zines about myself, travels, and feelings for about 10 years. There’s a special joy in creating a physical print object that you can hold and share. Plus, it’s a great way to document my life and ideas. Check out the project on my Patreon or on Instagram at #yearofzines. At the end of every month, I photocopy all the zines I’ve made and send them to Patreon backers.

The Zine a Day project was written up in RiotFest - check out this interview where I talk about the project:

“What I love about zines is that they’re obviously made by hand. They’re obviously made by a person, and I think that really comes through for readers. It’s not just a bullet-pointed manifesto about freeways that’s anonymously posted online. It feels like a human being thought about this and made this object, and now it’s come into my hands.”

Most of the zines I’ll be making in 2019 are six-page publications folded from one piece of paper. Here’s an example of what they look like:

Want to read a bunch of zines I’ve made so far?

See all the zines I’ve made for the Year of Zines so far are on my Instagram.

Want to buy a zine or two?

This project is supported by Patreon members, so if you’d like to support my year of zine-making, please pitch in on Patreon and get some excellent presents in return. You can buy individual zines I’ve made on my shop page. Just click the “year of zines” option. Thanks for the support!

Want a zine workshop?

I also teach zine-making and self-publishing workshops for groups of any age and size. If you’d like me to host a zine-making workshop for your class, shop, or office, get in touch! I’ve also made a bunch of other zines for various projects - you can check them out here.