Zines I've Made and Love


The Joy of Zines

One slogan I always keep in mind is, "You don't need permission to publish." Zines are a great way to self-publish your work and share your ideas, art, and feelings with the world. They can also be a surprisingly powerful process to print—it's amazing how special it feels to hold a real ink-and-paper booklet in your hand. I'm constantly making zines (and lead zine workshops whenever I can) but here are a few of my favorites.


work hard, cry hard: things you can do now to resist trump

After the November 2016 election, I was feeling hopeless and nihilistic. But instead of wallowing in despair, I made myself get organized. Every day, I need to show up and pitch in to help defend the communities whose rights and lives are most threatened by his presidency.

In the weekend after the election, I made this zine of ideas for ways to resist Trump and his bigotry. Drawing these pages was part self-care and part activism. I put the zine online so that anyone can download it and print it out. All the images are Creative Commons, so please feel free to use them for noncommercial purposes. Distribute the zine at a protest or among your friends.

This zine is a small thing, but it’s a gift to you. Keep surviving, keep thriving.


drink more water, be more honest


For my thirtieth birthday, I illustrated 30 personal lessons I learned in my twenties. Some of them are funny ("don't date white guys who have dream catchers over their beds"), some of them are practical ("always bring snacks"), and some of them are deep emotional skills ("brave people open up"). 

The zine took off more than I thought it would—about 500 copies have been sold! It makes a great gift for someone in their twenties and is actually useful advice for any age. It is distributed nationally by Microcosm Publishing.


dichos con animales / sayings about animals


I spent the winter of 2017 in Chile and was delighted to learn that Chileans have a lot of funny phrases about animals. For example, while in English we say someone "let the cat out of the bag" if they spilled a secret, in Chile they say "una bolsa de gatos" (a bag of cats) is a very messy problem. My Chilean friend David and I put together this 10-page zine of Spanish and English dichos from our respective countries. 

The sayings are cute, but they're also a fun way to have a cultural exchange and learn about the idiosyncrasies of another language. I'd love for Spanish teachers in the United States and English teachers in Chile to distribute the zine to their classes. 

It's available for free download at the link below, please feel free to print out your own copy.

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